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About Heirlooms Etc.

My passion for woodworking began at the age of twelve in 1979 in Redlands, CA when my father introduced me to the craft.  He started a woodshop program located at the Redlands Boys Club.  We spent many hours in that shop making wooden toys for disadvantaged kids and it provided a foundation of what would become a lifelong hobby and passion.  This passion carried me through six years of woodshop classes in my junior and high school years .

Over the years woodworking was a part time hobby. During this time I collected hand tools and machines to expand my woodworking endeavors.  I designed and built various pieces of furniture and other projects for family and friends. Eventually I established a dedicated home based woodshop.

In 2014 I was looking through a woodworking magazine when I came across plans for a mantel clock.  It inspired me to create one of my own design.  While exploring design ideas, I came to appreciate designs inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement.  I designed and built my first mantel clock.  This was the beginning of what would become Heirlooms Etc. 

 I started Heirlooms Etc. as a means of giving my work a "face" and a "name."  I offer customers with a taste for heirloom quality pieces an opportunity to invest in a handcrafted item that will be cherished for generations to come.


Although this started as a part time endeavor, it has become a full time venture as I am now retired after proudly serving in law enforcement for 25 years. My wife and I enjoy traveling and participating in art festivals across the western United States.  I sell my pieces online, at various juried art shows, and select art galleries and county fairs.  

We also stay active with our church and enjoy spending time with our many children and grandchildren.  

I hope that you enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them!



                                                                                            -David Ortega




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