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My passion for woodworking began in 1980 in Redlands, CA when my father introduced me to the craft.  He started a small woodshop program located at the Redlands Boys Club.  We spent many hours in that shop and it proved to be the beginning of a passion that would stay with me for many years to come.  In those early years, building wooden toys, boxes, and wall decor items formed the foundation of my skills as an avid woodworker.


To this day, I continue to learn more about the craft with each piece that I design and build.  My tastes favor the Arts & Crafts and Mission styles of design.  Most of my work today follows this design style.  


I started Heirlooms Etc. as a means of giving my work a "face" and a "name."  It has also allowed me to offer those with a taste for heirloom quality pieces an opportunity to invest in a handcrafted item that will be cherished for generations to come. I work part time out of my home based shop. I occasionally participate in art shows to display and sell my pieces.


Although I have made large projects such as armoires and entertainment centers, I have found that clocks possess many of the design and construction attributes of fine furniture and can be as challenging to design and construct.  Clocks have also proven to be very popular since practically every room in every home has one.  I have found it much easier to offer and share my custom clocks with clients who can be anywhere across the country.


I sell my pieces on my ETSY SHOP as they are a reputable and well known site for hand crafted items.


I hope to be regularly adding new pieces and designs to the site.  I hope that you enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoyed crafting them!



                                                                                            -David Ortega




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